A Look at Iloilo Business Park’s Lifestyle Mall Site Update


Expected to shape up as Iloilo City’s newest lifestyle shopping and entertainment mall, the Festive Walk Mall opening soon in the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park will showcase a new destination for Ilonggos and visitors. The mall will be the centerpoint of classy boutiques, retails shops, food hall, events center and state-of-the-art cinemas. Endless pleasures and relaxing ambiance will give mallgoers a chance to experience the charming lifestyle of the mall combined with the tranquility of the township.

The mall is located just across the Festive Walk Parade, the township’s shop-and-dine strip, a few steps away from One Madison Place and other rising residential towers, across BPO building One Global Center, beside Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, Iloilo Convention Center and the soon-to-open Marriott Courtyard Hotel. Expect the mall to be open very soon later this year where a lot of exceptional events and surprises awaits everyone. It’s a whole new level of leisure escapade, shopping and scenery will be presented by the Festive Walk Mall.

This weekend, we give you a look at the current site development update of Festive Walk Mall.





Megaworld Lifestyle Mall is open for space leasing at the Festive Walk Mall. For inquiries, you may visit the Commercial Division office of Megaworld – Iloilo Business Park at the 4th Floor of Richmonde Tower.  For condominiums and commercial lots investments, you can call (033) 330-3465 or check out IBP Sales and Information Center.



Iloilo Business Park’s Relentless Rise



A vision of relentless rise for inspiring developments, a vibrant community for Ilonggos that symbolizes modern cultural synergy and a new leisure destination that evokes pride.

Since 2013, Iloilo Business Park located in the old Iloilo airport in Mandurriao District has become the icon of astonishing developments in Iloilo and the whole Western Visayas region. Being the single biggest investment project worth P35 billion by Megaworld Corporation, the country’s leading real estate developer, Iloilo Business Park opened the gateway for relentless developments in terms of leisure, lifestyle, business and investments. Today, we take a look back on some of our significant multimedia and video presentations that reflected the importance of Iloilo Business Park as an iconic township that elevates Iloilo City’s rise as Western Visayas’ epicenter of change, promising future and legacy.

Developments are in full swing at Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld’s 72-hectare township in the booming city of the Western Visayas region. With hotels, business and residential towers, a shopping mall, and a convention center rising in the area, Iloilo Business Park is paving the way to further development and giving more opportunities to Filipinos living in Iloilo.

Megaworld – Iloilo Business Park 2015 Motion Graphic tells the story of the old Iloilo Airport from its legacy as the city’s major doorway to the world and its “final happy landings,” until its recent transformation as a vibrant business, tourism and lifestyle township, developed by Megaworld Corporation to elevate Iloilo’s economic prominence and Ilonggos’ future Central Business District, a destination for bright opportunities slowly shaping a whole new history. “Live-work-play” in Western Visayas’ largest and most prominent highly-integrated township.

A close-up look on Iloilo Business Park township site development update of 2016.

Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld’s 72-hectare business township featured in Modern Living TV to highlight the top-notch residential condominium towers and prime commercial lots in Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong is interviewed by program host Bianca Gonzales-Intal to showcase the township as the gateway for the city’s economic prominence, offering better lifestyle options and amenities that ultimately uplifts the tourism and investment potential of Western Visayas.


Exciting Infrastructure Developments at Iloilo Business Park












Top to bottom photos: Iloilo Convention Center, present site update of Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Festive Walk Mall Annex Building, Festive Walk Parade construction updates, IBP bistros and restaurants – Cable Car, DoVa Brunch Cafe, Farm to Table, Baristas Ground Fit Cafe (interior), Assi Fresh Plaza, and IBP Sales and Information Center

Before the end of the month, relevant infrastructure developments are shaping up Iloilo Business Park in becoming an exciting lifestyle township. It is swiftly transforming into a great center point for every Ilonggos’ gorgeous dream when it comes to career and business opportunities not just in Iloilo City but throughout the Western Visayas region.

The township offers almost everything that will change the commercial and economic landscape of the city. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Cyberpark District is the biggest in the region. Hundreds of jobs and employment opportunities awaits BPO professionals in the township. The township recently opened their latest BPO building – the Three Techno Place that houses the office site of BPO company Nearsol Philippines.

The residential district gained more attention from investors and those who are dreaming to live in the township. One Madison Place and Lafayette Park Square residential towers are expected to be completed this year and next year, respectively. Iloilo Business Park recently launched its newest condo tower – the Saint Dominique rising near Saint Honore, the township’s two classy Parisian-inspired residential towers. The Palladium, the tallest tower in the region with 22 floors is expected to be completed in two years time.






Top to bottom photos: Festive Walk Parade phase 1 and phase 2 construction site update, BPO building One Techno Place – present office site of IQor call center,  present site updates of residential towers Lafayette Park Square and One Madison Place soon to be completed this 2017 and 2018

Another landmark destination for entertainment and shopping is the Festive Walk Mall that will open later this year. This upscale lifestyle mall is patterned to Megaworld’s prominent lifestyle malls in the country that showcases high-end boutiques and signature clothing brands. Aside from retails shops, it will also have world-class cinemas, event center, food hall, leisure spaces and more restaurants. Across the mall is the Festive Walk Mall Annex building where more shops will be featured. The Festive Walk Parade near the mall is considered as one of the longest shopping and retail strips in the country opened its first phase late last year. Here, Iloilo’s iconic restaurants and souvenir shops found their newest location to mesmerize Ilonggos and visitors. More upscale bistros, coffee shops and retail stores are expected to open as the second phase is about to be completed later this year.




Top to bottom photos: A view of the Festive Walk Parade from the parking area of One Global Center BPO building, a look at Two Global Center and Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, and a glimpse of Boutique Hotel and Commercial District area

Iloilo Business Park takes pride of its high-end hotels that offers seamless and international standard of services. The first to open a few years ago is Richmonde Hotel Iloilo. This year, the 15-storey Marriott Courtyard Hotel is envisioned to open with highly-anticipated luxurious amenities and classy hotel rooms that will elevate the tourism industry of the city. Located between the two classy hotels is the 3,700-seater Iloilo Convention Center, the region’s most modern events and conference venue built to symbolize Iloilo City’s glorious cultural heritage. A few steps away from these three gorgeous destinations is the 9.2-hectare Boutique Hotel and Commercial District touted to become Visayas’ largest Central Business District (CBD). Commercial lots in this promising area is more than 80% sold-out among local entrepreneurs and financial institutions, where regional bank offices are expected to rise in the near future.



Architect’s perspectives of Iloilo Business Park’s two Parisian-inspired residential towers: Saint Honore and Saint Dominique

Iloilo Business Park is not than just shaping up the most complete lifestyle and investment township in Western Visayas, it is truly changing the vision of Ilonggos and investors to embrace, chase and find their home in Iloilo City, one of the country’s most awarded livable and highly-sustainable metropolises in the Philippines.

Megaworld, the township’s leading real estate developer is passionately elevating the dream and vision of Ilonggos through Iloilo Business Park.

Find out more about the township, its gorgeous visions, and expected developments by visiting us at the old Iloilo airport in Mandurriao District. Check out our classy condominium model units at Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center any day of the week or call (033) 330-3464 for township tour reservation. Online, you can find us at http://www.iloilobusinesspark.ph.

Iloilo Business Park inspires Ilonggos in California, USA



The vision of exceptional lifestyle rising in the heart of Iloilo City – the upscale dream life offered by Iloilo Business Park is now inspiring more Ilonggos in California, USA. Iloilo Business Park’s Marketing Team is presently visiting our fellow Ilonggos there to showcase what the township has offer when it comes to lifestyle, investment opportunities, and inspire them to consider a promising future back home.






Headed by Iloilo Business Park Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong,  they joined several gatherings with Ilonggos and other Filipino communities at West Covina, a city in Los Angeles County, California, located 19 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles in the eastern San Gabriel Valley and is part of Greater Los Angeles last August 5 and 12. Iloilo Business Park sponsored the UP Gala Induction of of Officers in Double Tree Hilton Whittier, California on August 13.

Last August 15, they joined a grand meet-up at Glendale City, California with the Ilonggo community who are looking forward to invest back home in Iloilo. An upcoming roadshow and gathering is set on August 19 Carlsbad, a city near San Diego, California known for Tamarack Surf Beach, backed by the Carlsbad Sea Wall, and secluded South Carlsbad State Beach.



On August 23, the team will gather for a roadshow with US-based Ilonggos living in Chula Vista, the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, the seventh largest city in Southern California.

With their passion to share the significant developments and elevation of Iloilo Business Park as the epicenter of prominent investment opportunities and lifestyle in Iloilo City, Ilonggos in California were able to envision themselves coming home and building a bright future for their families. It is one way for them to look back and consider a great plan to retire someday. Iloilo Business Park is a complete lifestyle and commercial township with multifaceted destinations and investments that expands the tourism potential and economic strength of Iloilo City.

Iloilo Business Park, developed by Megaworld Corporation in Mandurriao District is offering pre-sold condominium units for their upscale residential towers namely One Madison Place (2017 completion schedule), Lafayette Park Square (2018 turnover schedule), The Palladium, Parisian-inspired towers Saint Honore and Saint Dominique. Also, the township is offering prime commercial lots in its 9.2-hectare Boutique Hotel and Commercial District, the region’s future business hub. Megaworld is also building the region’s high-end 1.1-kilometer Festive Walk Parade shop-and-dine strip and Festive Walk Mall soon to open this year. The township takes pride of two classy hotels such as Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and the upcoming Marriott Courtyard Hotel, showcasing international standard of hotel services. Iloilo Convention Center, the region’s most modern convention venue is located in Iloilo Business Park. The township is also establishing the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Cyberpark in Western Visayas to usher high-paying jobs and employment opportunities with their BPO office towers.

Know more about the township, call us at (033) 330-3464 or check us online at http://www.iloilo businesspark.ph.

Desserts and Sweets at Iloilo Business Park Showroom on August 19



Give in to your passion for sweets and pastries this coming Saturday, August 19 from 1PM to 6PM at Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center for another exciting Weekend Sweet Treats. We’re inviting you to visit the IBP Showroom to have a taste of another delightful culinary experience we’ve prepared for you. Bring your family and friends to enjoy an inspiring afternoon of mouth-watering desserts and lifestyle talk about Iloilo Business Park, the gorgeous 72-hectare grandest business township in Western Visayas.




Take a look at our gorgeous residential tower Saint Dominique and its captivating lifestyle amenities inspired by an iconic Paris street

Aside from our delicious afternoon dessert and gastronomic fare, we will also give you a passionate glimpse, a closer look at our condominium model units at IBP Showroom that would surely inspire you to envision a life in the township. Offering exceptional vision of lifestyle, our upscale residential towers such as One Madison Place, Lafayette Park Square, The Palladium, Saint Honore and Saint Dominique are beautifully conceptualized to mesmerize lifestyle lovers and clients.

Join us for an afternoon of sweets, lifestyle vision and more at Iloilo Business Park this August 19. For event reservation and scheduled visit, call us at (033) 330-3464 or visit us online at http://www.iloilobusinesspark.ph.

Iloilo Business Park’s Breathing Spaces and Greens



Overlooking the soon-to-open Festive Walk Mall, here’s a look at the greens and wellness space that will heal your stress between BPO office towers One Global Center and Two Global Center 

Greens and wellness. Lifestyle and health. Passion and nature. Iloilo Business Park is rising to become a gorgeous township of ecological sustainability, where residents and visitors can both enjoy a promising metropolitan lifestyle and appreciate nature’s serenity. Situated in the old Iloilo airport in Mandurriao District, Iloilo City, this vibrant township is set to become a model community for multi-faceted lifestyle and vision of progress. It is Iloilo City’s biggest magnet for investments, career opportunities and tourism. This is Megaworld Corporation’s grandest lifestyle township developed outside of Luzon, and positioned to become the next biggest Central Business District (CBD) in the Visayas.



Park your bike anywhere in the township that compliments the existence of Bike Lanes in Megaworld Boulevard. The township is the biggest hub for bike lovers. Here’s a look at the Bike Parking Area near One Global Center and Festive Walk Parade

To compliment the modern facets of Iloilo Business Park, we share with you these captivating recent photos that shows not only its modern edifices and buildings are taking shape, but it also maintains a lot of beautiful areas where greens and serenity unfolds. These relaxing places gives the township a fair share of its ecological charm and timeless appeal, where people in the township can enjoy a breathing space or get close with nature.

Soon, Iloilo Business Park will showcase more of its ecological beauty such as open parks and areas of recreations. It is a township that creates an inspiring balance between progress, fast-paced lifestyle and a space to commune with nature.

For more of lifestyle vision, call us at (033) 330-3464 or visit Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center any time of the week.

Music Concert & Fun at Festive Walk’s Biggest University Fest



Young-at-heart and pop culture lovers trooped to the city’s biggest lifestyle and entertainment strip, the Festive Walk Parade in Iloilo Business Park on July 15 from 4PM onwards to witness the grandest University Fest event. Onlookers, visitors and students were treated to an exciting parade of pop culture shops showcasing various products, shirts, souvenirs and great keepsake items. It’s a colorful exhibition of unique products that young people and students would surely find it exceptionally attractive. In fact, it’s just an appetizer for a full-blast music concert for the evening headlined by today’s most popular indie pop group, The Ransom Collective, who performed their original songs and mesmerized the crowd. More local indie and Christian music groups performed to the delight of the audience including Potato Band, Navi, The Nephrons, IRC University, Ceogi, Musketeers, Strangers by Sunday, The Queens, Sean, Ember, The Pretzels and more.



The Festive Walk Parade’s upscale bistros and retails shops treated the crowd with attractive promos and culinary surprises. Visitors and onlookers enjoyed an evening of food escapade coupled with an enjoyable ambiance, making the event highly-successful as expected.



We’re sure that this won’t be the last exciting event that Megaworld Lifestyle Malls will create and conceptualize in the city’s next leisure destination because the Ilonggo crowd, especially those young-at-heart will surely enjoy an entertainment and dining spot that combines nightlife escapade with good food and great ambiance.